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UA 2-1-3: Reade Papers

Dr. George Works (Works Commission)


ID Number Folder Title Box Number Folder Number Correspondents Content Description: Names and Subjects: Related Collections Date Range Series
139 Reade Papers: Works Commission 14 8 Dr. George Works General Education Board instituted a commission headed by Dr. George Works to make a survey of University System of Georgia. Dr. Works is from University of Chicago Frank Robertson Reade, Board of Regents, Dr. George Works VSU History; Special Topics, Box 27, Folder 14 1941 Board of Regents
336 Reade Papers: Dr. Thomas Munro 27 14 Dr. Thomas Munro, Dr. George Works In 1941-42, Reade wrote Dr. Thomas Munro (curator of the Cleveland Museum of Art) and asked him to make a study of the catalog with regard to curriculum changes for a humanities college. Recommended by George Works, of the Works Commission. GSWC's challenge is being a rural liberal arts school, trying to serve groups of smart, regular, and less able students. Letters arranging permission for the project, and proposed changes to the curriculum. Specific letters of note: May 6, 1941 and April 22, 1942 (which has been censored). War intervened in this project. Frank Robertson Reade, Dr. Thomas Munro, Dr. George Works, "Munro Doctrine", Works Commission, Curriculum Committee, World War II Faculty, Box 18, Folders 22-34; Board of Regents, Box 14, Folder 8; See Related WWII Collection Table; Board of Regents, Box 14, Folder 8 1941-42 Special Topics