Folder Number ID Number Correspondent/ Others Date Notes Folder Name Location
19 16 Michel Fabre 1986 Card [greeting]. Acknowledges receipt of Joyce's book. Correspondence: Michel Fabre
19 61 Michel Fabre 1987 Letter. Correspondence: Michel Fabre
19 24 Michel Fabre 1988 Note. Inviting Joyce to submit her work on "Long Black Song" for publication in the Mississippi Quarterly (Special on Wright) Correspondence: Michel Fabre
19 85 Michel Fabre 1989 Letter. Mentions the Walker article to appear in Miss Quarterly (Fall) and external data for the Himes. Also mentions the Wright symposium in Moscow. Correspondence: Michel Fabre
19 66 Michel Fabre 1989 Letter. Mentions a letter he sent to Ebony about the Walker Biography (Essay to appear in the Wright Issue of the Miss Quarterly. Correspondence: Michel Fabre
19 68 Michel Fabre 1989 Letter. Appreciates Joyce's comments on "Walker Book" Projects he is working on: Himes. He is writing articles on "Contrabands for a conference in Germany on Wright and the French Revolution. He is teaching Wole Soyinka's play "A Dance of the Forest" Preparing an essay on Yoruba pantheon and mythology. Correspondence: Michel Fabre
19 60 Michel Fabre 1989 Letter. Mentions projects he is working on: La River Noire, Richard Wright's Books and Writers. Correspondence: Michel Fabre
19 87 Michel Fabre 1990 Letter. Mentions article about Walker, Wright Society, his book "Samuel Selvon's Moses Ascending" and galleries "From Harlem to Paris" Correspondence: Michel Fabre
19 86 Michel Fabre 1990 Letter. Mentions conference of African American writers, artists and musicians due in Paris. Expected are: Barbara Chase Riboud, Ted Joans, Jim Emanuel, Project he is working on: Lesley Himes' Memoirs, New Orleans Creole of Color Literature, bibliographic reprints on Wright, piece on Afro-American Lieux de memoire France, etc. Correspondence: Michel Fabre
19 88 Michel Fabre 1990 Letter. (faxed). Mentions upcoming conference about "Black Americans in Europe from the beginnings up to now...for writers and artists. Inquires about a workshop on "Black American Writers in Paris during the Cold War" Correspondence: Michel Fabre
19 58 Michel Fabre 1990 Letter recommending Joyce to a teaching position at Carnegie-Mellon University. Correspondence: Michel Fabre
19 29 Michel Fabre 1990 Note. Mentions a copy of "Wright, Books and Writers" he is sending to Joyce. Michel to become member of "Wright Circle" Correspondence: Michel Fabre
19 70 Michel Fabre 1991 Letter. Complains about Parkinson's that was disturbing him. Correspondence: Michel Fabre
19 44 Michel Fabre 1991 Letter about conference on McKay in France. Describes Russell Larkin as not brilliant. Poster of Michel's forthcoming book "From Harlem to Paris: Black American Writers in France, 1840-1980" Correspondence: Michel Fabre
19 18 Michel Fabre 1991 Note. Inviting Joyce to prepare entries on Angelou, Gayl Jones, Dorothy West, Pauli Morray, etc, for the African American Encyclopedia. Also request to submit an Abstract for a February 1992 Conference. Correspondence: Michel Fabre