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Welcome to the Regional Identity Anthology and Critical Journal Web site. In the summer of 2003, the Georgia Humanities Council awarded a one year grant for Valdosta State University to develop and carryout an educational project titled Regional Identity: A Reading, Writing, and Regional Issues Project Using the Works of Janice Daugharty.

The project was a collaboration among the Valdosta State University Archives, South Georgia Regional Library, four South Georgia Public High Schools, and Valdosta State Universitys Department of English to explore writing and regional identity with a variety of audiences by using the works of Janice Daugharty, Valdosta State Universitys Writer-in-Residence.

This site was developed as part of the Grant Project to highlight and share valuable literary criticism papers, essays, poetry, and projects authored by participating high school and college students, creating a lasting resource, and promoting future literary criticism of Daugharty's regional novels and short stories.



Sponsored by the Georgia Humanities Council



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