Equal Rights Newsletter Index, 1924-1954

Equal Rights was a publication of the National Woman's Party. Began in 1923, it was the successor to the failed Suffragist. Its name is representative of its purpose: the editors of the newsletter believed that the only way to achieve equality amongst the sexes was to introduce an Equal Rights Amendment to the Constitution. In addition to lobbying for the introduction of a Constitutional Amendment, it discussed feminist concerns, and developments on a national as well as a global scale. In 1935 the editor of Equal Rights left the Party to create the independently published Equal Rights: Independent Feminist Weekly. The NWP still maintained the publication of the newsletter(as well as the name Equal Rights), but with a new editorial staff. The Valdosta State University Archives houses copies of the NWP's Equal Rights from 1924-1954, as well as a few editions of the Independent Feminist Weekly.

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