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About the Leona Hudson Collection

The Leona Hudson Collection held at the Valdosta State University Archives and Special Collections contains information relevant to topics as diverse as South Georgia History, the Valdosta Social Scene, Missionaries in China, a history of devotional literature, Nazi trials, the military in Korea, and images from years of travel around the world. The collection spans a long time period, from 1884-2008, and is equally rich across those time periods. Since both Rosa Strickland and her daughter Leona Hudson were energetic “savers” who kept everything and passed it on, we have letters that span at least four generations of this family. The family names of Hill, Hudson, and Strickland are the most prominent. The collection is comprised of three series: Letters and Documents, Photographs and Scrapbooks, and Books and Artifacts. The letters are very extensive, housed in over 50 archival boxes. To make the letters more easily searched and retrieved, we indexed most of the letters, including all of the older ones, to the item level. You may search our ArchivesSpace system for an individual letter.

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Who was Leona Hudson?

Born in the spring of 1920, Leona Roberts Strickland began life in a promising Era. In many ways she temperamentally embodied the hopeful expectations of the Twenties, a time in which abundance seemed to prevail. She lived the first decade of her life in the beautiful home her father built in 1916 at 1006 North Patterson Street. Both parents loved, adored and doted on Leona, their only child.

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The Life and Times of Leona Hudson

Biography provided by Dr. Catherine Oglesby, Professor of History, Valdosta State University

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A graphical time line important events in the lives of Leona Hudson and her family.

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Scrapbooks of the Leona Hudson Collection

Leona and her mother Rosa were dedicated creators of photograph albums and scrapbooks. We have described 40 of these scrapbooks and albums in our database.

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Selected Photographs from the Leona Hudson Collection

The pictures series of the Leona Hudson Collection is especially rich, with thousands of pictures and slides. They contain images from the 1860’s to the late 2000’s. Many of the pictures document Leona and Dugald’s trips around the world.

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Letters from the Leona Hudson Collection

The letters series of the Leona Hudson Collection is the largest part and spans in time from 1884 to 2008.

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