College Fair Committee

Chairs: Javiola Aragon (BZ) and Allison Martin (U.S.)


Chairs: Fermin Magana (BZ) and Neal McCrillis (U.S.)

Study Abroad Committee

Chairs: Eve Aird (BZ) and Yanira Oliveras-Ortiz (U.S.)

Statement of Purpose: The COBEC Study Abroad Committee supports member institutions developing and offering study abroad programs related to Belize and Belize members working with study abroad programs through information-sharing, outlining of best practices, and opportunities to liaise with each other.

To view the list of COBEC Study Abroad Institutions for Belize and the US, click the links below:


Chairs: Noel Carballo (BZ) and Warren Hodge (U.S.)

COBEC Research Committee Strategic Plan. Download