Valdosta Four - Amar-Suen, Year 5, Month 10.

FRONT Translations by line
2(diš) anše edin-na Two onagers and
2(diš) ud5 šimaški2 two Šimaškian nanny goats
ba-ug7 slaughtered;
ki lugal-he2-gal2-ta from Lugalhegal
dšul-gi-iri-gu10 Šulgi'irigu
šu ba-ti received.
iti ezem-an-na Month: "Festival of An" (month 10, Ur/Drehem).
mu en-unu6-gal dinanna ba-hun Year: "Enunugal was appointed as (the en priest of) Inanna" (Amar-Suen, year 5).

Valdosta Four

A butcher's bill (c. 2350 B.C. found at Drehem, for one ewe and two rams killed and marked for delivery.

4.1. This document records Šulgi-irigu's receipt of the carcasses of four animals from Lugal-hegal. The Lugal-hegal attested here falls within the known career of a Lugal-hegal who was a "member of the ruling family of Umma" (Dahl 2003: 259) and seemed to have been involved in the care and feeding of working animals such as the onagers mentioned in this text (see Stepien 1996: 38 and 142-143). Although it is plausible that the Lugal-hegal in this text is the lugal-he2-gal2 dumu ur-nigargar mentioned by Dahl and Stepien, I have not yet been able to demonstrate this conclusively.

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