Valdosta Seven - Drehem, Šu-Suen, Year 2, Month 8

1(diš) gu4 PI-li nu-banda3; One ox (for) PIli, the overseer,
1(diš) gu4 KA? i3-kal-la one ox ... Ikala,
gu4? a2-pi5-lum oxen from Apilum,
ki-ba ba-na-a-ga2-ar? put in its place on his behalf
giri3 lu2-denki
x x x ...
FRONT Translations by line
x ab2 5(diš) udu x ... cows and five ... sheep,
2(u) 8(diš) udu 3(diš) ud5 x 28 sheep and 3 goats ... ,
ba-ug7 e2 muhaldim-še3? have been slaughtered for the kitchen,
mu aga3-us2-e-ne-še3? for the soldiers,
u4 2(diš)-kam on the second day;
ki du11-ga-ta ba-zi booked out of (account of) Duga,
giri3 nu-ur2-diškur dub-sar by means of Nur-Adad, the scribe.
iti šu-eš5-ša Month: šu'ešša (8th month, Drehem).
mu ma2 dara4-abzu ba-ab-du8 Year: "The boat (named) 'the ibex of the Abzu' was caulked" (Šu-Suen year 2).
3(diš)? [gu4 ab2] 3(u)!? 6(diš)? udu Three [oxen and cows] and 36 small cattle (in total).

Valdosta Seven

A temple record found at Drehem, sealed and dated circa 2350 B.C.

7.1. This text is heavily sealed and will need to be re-edited once it is baked and cleaned. Nonetheless, I offer a transliteration on the basis of the available image if only so as to encourage further work on the tablet. The name in the first line on the obverse is particularly rare, having only one other occurrence in the CDLI corpus, namely PDT 2, 959, rev., col. iii, line 20. Note that the total on the left edge is quite badly damaged, so the reconstruction I offer here is somewhat tentative. I would also like to thank the anonymous referee for several improvements to the provisional transliteration offered here. The referee also notes that the seal-cap impressions on Valdosta 7 may suggest that the seal is that of Ur-Shulpa'e (cf. Hilgert 2003, 605ff.).

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