PRJ 1004 Sacred Harp

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This series includes administrative files, oral interviews, field notes, video recordings, audio recordings, correspondence, and photographs dealing with southeast Georgia Sacred Harp traditions. Most of the series is focused around documentation of community and family singing traditions of the Lee Family of Hoboken, and the Hoboken Sacred Harp monthly sings that occur the Saturday before the third Sunday of each month in the Hoboken Elementary School. David I. Lee, his cousins Tollie Lee and Clarke Lee , and parents Johnny and Delorese Lee, are major consultants, although various other individuals were interviewed. Several special events are also documented: the annual Hoboken All-Day Sing (March); the Georgia-Florida-Alabama Tri-State Singing Convention, which is in Hoboken every third year; the Silas Lee Memorial Sing which took place at the 2000 Florida Folk Festival in White Springs; and the Library of Congress Local Legacies materials prepared by David I. Lee, including recordings of the Lee Family singing in the old "Hoboken-style" at the home of Johnny and Delorese Lee, Hoboken (1999). Related sings in Hilliard and Nathalene, Florida, both no longer extant, are also documented. A major sub-focus of the series is singing schools, which in Hoboken occur before the monthly sings in January and February; singing schools given by members of the Lee family to the national Sacred Harp community in various locations also are included. A rare singing of a "drone" is documented in both video and audio from the January, 2001, singing school. The series includes copies of various historic recordings of Hoboken-style singing, including recordings of Silas Lee, the late singing school teacher and song leader from Hoboken, along with family and friends at the 1958 Florida Folk Festival, and various family recordings assembled by David I. Lee of Hoboken and copied for archival preservation by Paul Butterfield of Winter Park, FL. Finally, the series includes materials used in creating "Let Us Sing": Southeast Georgia Sacred Harp, a permanent exhibit installed at the Okefenokee Heritage Center in Waycross (August 2001), co-curated by David I. Lee and Laurie K. Sommers with funding from the Georgia Council for the Arts.

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Let Us Sing: Southeast Georgia Sacred Harp Online Exhibit

Radio Programs:

  • Sacred Harp Hoboken, Georgia, from Wiregrass Ways, originally broadcast on Georgia Public Radio, 1999
  • Singing Schools, with David I. Lee, Hoboken, Georgia from Wiregrass Ways, originally broadcast on Georgia Public Radio, 1999
  • Chesser Homestead Open House, with members of the Chesser and Roddenberry families, from Sounds of South Georgia, originally broadcast on Georgia Public Radio, 2006
  • Pulse of the Planet fort-part feature 1 2 3 4
  • on Sacred Harp in Hoboken, with Jim Metzner, originally broadcast on PRI, 2000.
  • Hoboken-Style Sacred Harpfrom the Florida Folk Festival, produced by William B. Dudley for the Florida Humanities Council, 2000

Faculty Research Grant on Sacred Harp Final Report, 2001

Let Us Sing Exhibit Final Grant Report, 2001